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Enneagram Training – Based on the long-established personality test called the Enneagram, this training will provide in-depth levels of increased self-awareness, as well as pertinent knowledge of how to better understand and connect with those around you. This information has the opportunity to transform relationships in both a personal and professional setting, as you gain insight into the motivations of your own behavior and the behavior of others. Using content from The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and The Path Between Us by Suzanne Stabile & even The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher Heuertz (for those looking for spiritual applications). Content is provided in a way that is easy to understand but challenges the person who is willing to do some self-reflection.

Building a Strengths-Based Team – All employees have both strengths and weaknesses, but the strongest teams have placed their people in positions where they get to utilize their strengths. As simple as the concept sounds, it is not as widely practiced as one would imagine. Using content from Strengths Finder 2.0 and Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath, one is provided the opportunity to learn their top 5 Strengths from the Clifton Strength Finder Assessment, as well as what it looks like to have a well-balanced team that is working out of those strengths.

Improving Team Dynamics – Team development using content based on Patrick Lencioni’s book the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as well as the Core Fears exercise developed by Dr. Gary Smalley in The DNA of Relationships, this training delves into the dynamics of a team and what happens when things go wrong. If you’re a well-established team but are having trouble communicating or connecting with one another to create the work environment you and satisfaction in the work performed. Then this training is worth investing in. It provides the chance to troubleshoot possible issues, AND the opportunity to find the solutions to move forward. You’ll learn about conflict resolution styles, what core fears may be underlying your conflict, and where your team dynamics can be strengthened and improved.


In My Corner

Nicole spoke at my church several times [around issues of social justice & sex trafficking, body image for young women, etc.] and I’ve also had the privilege of hearing her speak elsewhere. She’s a gifted communicator and her passion has a way of impacting her listeners in real and powerful ways. I learn something new every time I hear her speak and I always leave inspired.

Andrew Linderer
former youth pastor of Glendale Christian Church

Nicole Clifton is a gifted speaker who specializes in challenging her audience. She is passionate about students and people, and it shows in the way she approaches each and every talk she gives as she motivates and inspires groups of students. Nicole’s love for people is evident in her emotion and the way she reaches and connects with college kids. I am so excited to see what is next for Nicole. Give her a chance you will not be disappointed.

Alan Boelter
Dean of Students, Ottowa University

I have had the honor of knowing Nicole for just about 7 years now. She has come to speak to Options For Senior Living on multiple occasions. Her knowledge is mind-blowing. She helped us understand our different personality types as a team and as an individual. It impacted me in a way I could have never imagined. I learned some things about myself and my personality that has led me to work on myself as an individual but also things I can work on to be a more efficient team player. Her outpouring kindness and ambition is contagious and so motivating.

Tammy Crutcher
Options For Senior Living

Thank You!

“We are so grateful that you invested time in us. You push us to be our best and inspire new ideas each time we meet! Time is the greatest gift you can give someone, so for that we want to say THANK YOU!” – Becky Gaylor, CEO of Active Money Management, Inc.

We are so grateful that you invested time in us. You push us to be our best and inspire new ideas each time we meet! Time is the greatest gift you can give someone, so for that we want to say THANK YOU!

Becky Gaylor
CEO of Active Money Management, Inc.

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