These are weird times, my friends. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and we are all just trying to survive. For the most part, we just do what we have to do to make it through and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be our most productive selves right now. Even in the midst of chaos, we absolutely need things that will bring us joy and offers us comfort. However, the truth is that this season will also be rife with grief, tingling with anxiety, bursting with sadness. We will run into frustration and not know how to cope with feeling out of control because most of us don’t know how to handle this kind of vulnerability.

See, we have believed the lie that happiness is the most important feeling. So many of us chase it incessantly.  Our culture LOVES to keep things positive. There are so many shirts, mugs, social media posts, etc. that say things like “radiate positivity.”  Being positive and optimistic isn’t always a bad thing. Some people are naturally more drawn towards that, and that’s totally great. The world needs optimists, just like it needs realists. However, there is a time when positivity actually can become detrimental; it’s called “toxic positivity.” Toxic positivity is when you can only engage with feeling happy or positive to the extreme where you cannot engage with other emotions you deem as negative, so you become intolerant of those emotions in yourself and in others that are a normal part of the human experience.