In the midst of these chaotic times, it is easy to feel alone and isolated. I wanted to offer you a resource for people as they are coping with the abrupt changes of this unprecedented time.

I am a life coach with Restoration Counseling, and I am hosting free webinars via Zoom for high school seniors & college students, as well as their parents, in the wake of COVID-19 and all the changes in plans that people are having to cope with. Both the student webinar and the parent webinar will have 2 time options, and all 4 will happen in the next 8 days while we are still in the midst of so much uncertainty.
Student Webinar:
Thursday 3/26 at 2pm MST (Arizona) and Monday 3/30 at 2pm MST (Arizona)

Parent Webinar: 

Tuesday 3/31 at 6:30pm MST (Arizona) and Wednesday 4/1 at 6pm MST (Arizona)The goal is to connect students and their parents to others, to help them feel less alone, and to help you navigate the change, loss, and grief of this season. This season is unprecedented and even in the midst of physical distancing, we still need each other to cope.You can head to to see all that Restoration Counseling is offering to support others during this time. So even if someone doesn’t fall into the categories that go with my webinar, they may find other options for them on that page. To connect with my specific webinar, click on the “Tumultuous Transitions” or “Helping Them Cope” options to learn more & sign up! That direct page is:

Note that times listed on that page are Mountain Time for Colorado (so AZ people, we will be an hour behind that). Feel free to share with anyone you think this may benefit, either via email or on social media.


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