Nicole is a Phoenix-native, a voracious reader, a passionate advocate against injustice, and committed to being a lifelong learner. Her educational background is in psychology and is in her 8th year as a Resident Director at Grand Canyon University. While wearing many hats as a Resident Director (such as crisis response, building management, event planning, etc.), her favorite part was mentoring young leaders while building and maintaining healthy teams. Over the years, Nicole has gotten the opportunity to speak, train, and develop leaders in a variety of areas including strong team dynamics & healthy work environments, conflict resolution, embracing diversity, LGBTQ awareness, healthy relationships & boundaries, sex trafficking, body image, forgiveness, and the power of vulnerability & owning our stories. Nicole is also a blossoming writer who writes for both her own blog, as well as being selected as a guest blogger for both Red Tent Living & Ezer Rising. Nicole was also selected to speak at the inaugural Grand Canyon University TEDx event in March of 2017 talking about the false dichotomies that hold us back in life, and that by learning to embrace the Both/And in our lives rather than the Either/Or we can experience less shame and more freedom & empowerment.

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